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Can I just be unabashedly myself for a few seconds of your time Boulder?? But pleasee oh prettyy pleasee. No? Ok well I'm going to anyways. Don't read if you're weak in heart or spirit. Or you still think there's something wrong with me. Byeee byeee losers.

To the rest... hey :) I'm back and sitting at my computer and ready to share the story of some of the most amazing two days of my life. I hesitate on saying best because I hold out hope that the best are still on their way.

I started my journey to roadside America's hidden gem, the UFO watchtower around 12pm on Sunday. The drive seemed and was a bit daunting as my first ever solo road trip and also the longest I've ever been behind the wheel. It was kind of rough going there ngl. My back was hurting and I had already listened to every song I knew like 30 times. First world problems to say the least.

I made it there at 4:44 on the dot that evening, which for those who are into numerology means good things(angels are with you yada yada yada). So I made it after what seemed like forever. I made it just in time because the lady that was running the place was just leaving for the day. She showed me the ropes and the place was essentially mine. There was only one other person camping.

In a horrible effort I embarrassingly tried to set up a tent during a wind storm. Shit was not pretty and I ended up sleeping in the car I'll just say that to spare you the gory details.

After my failed attempt I headed out to the dunes which were about 30 minutes away. I knew I wanted to do this shoot I just didn't know how things were going to unfold. I got in and onto the dunes and some pussy ass men tried to warn me that it was too windy to walk. Nah bruh I'm good. So I walked, pretty far, or what felt like was far enough. Don't get me wrong it was windy, sand whipping across my bare legs windy. But I didn't care I was on a mission.

I finally made it into a bowl that seemed safe for my nude excursion(I would come to find later people walking up about 100 yards away could see me, but I still didn't care, it was all about me). So I started shooting with self timer. It was so fucking fun. I ran and I danced and I laughed at myself for being naked in the middle of the san dunes... alone. It was probably a hilarious sight to say the least.

I wanna share some of my favorites and before I do please keep in mind this is my body and it has been under enough scrutiny the past 20 years so keep your fucking judgements at bay, even though I know for many of you they just come without much thought, but please it's my body, worry about your own.

Obviously I'm way too colorful for instagram so that's why the ones on there are black and white and these have my true nature. Also last one in my fav. Look her in the eyes and try to tell her she ain't shit. Even if you were mean enough to try I know you're lying. And sorry no nips even on here. I have to keep em guessing somehow when my entire life and body are currently on blast.

I chose red for a lot of reasons. Much further than the sexy nature of the color red. Red it love, red is blood, red is fight. And the color on my nails is called push the limits. And that I did.

Contrary to popular Boulder belief I'm actually super fucking cool too. And so is my new friend Shea. This morning I woke up and noticed a new car parked at the camp ground. I wondered who could that be? Little did I know it had been the resting spot of my two new favorite beings. A beautiful badass woman and her tiny little lady dog.

I ate breakfast and walked over to the "garden" a mishmash area of what most people would label as "trash" that are offerings of sort to the two beings/vortexes that protect the place(I made a few bomb ass offerings of my own, thank you). The garden is beautiful if you can look at it through my lens. There are two portals. One on the left and one on the right, and they cross in the middle. I have some photos because it's a you had to see it to believe it sort of thing.

Vortex to the right:

Vortex to the left:

Where they intersect:

I had a good amount of things to leave behind, one being my classic gold watch(in the last pic) if you're observant.

So I walked over to sit at a table in front of the garden to journal and process before I got on my merry way. I saw this lady reading the sign for the garden with her cute dog and I said "Hi", just casual, friendly, the open loving person I am. We soon got to talking and let's just say that was about 8:30am and we didn't stop talking until about 3:00pm when I went home.

She was/still is pretty fucking amazing. A wandering soul such as myself that had been to the watch tower previously. Shared trauma and shared wild and free energy had us both sharing stories from our adventures we call life. We connected and were fast friends. She even shared her dollar store chips and queso so you could say it was meant to be.

We spent a while there at the garden sharing art and stories. I want to share with you a beautiful piece of writing she wrote it my journal that I so adore, please give it the respect and love she/her writing so deserve.

I learned a lot from her in the short time we spend together. I saw her unapologetic beautiful look me self that I so hope and aspire to be on the regular. We saw pieces of each other in each other and I will forever be her friend and I hope she can say the same. A spirit guide in badass women form to say the least. <3<3<3

Moral of any of my stories is as always, you can look, and read and do whatever, all you want, just please don't touch, the art(me), is delicate. And I mean touch in more ways that one. Don't touch my beautiful body of work with self projection that you're too scared to introspect. Be proud of the brave badass women I am becoming, more and more everyday.

I love you World.

PS My favorite compliment of the day, because there have been many after posing nude on insta, was from my newest friend. She said something along the lines of "Oh I would've never pinned you as someone from Boulder." THANK YOU I AM TRYING. Being different is hard, but it's well worth it because I am finally finding my happy :)(:

PPS I left this in the vortex. Something I bought at Walmart a few months back. But cmon, I ain't no princess hunny, I'm the fuckin queen. </3</3</3

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