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I took to my own social media a few weeks ago in the hopes of sharing my authentic self and my whole truth that has been hid behind a wall of a perfect self media image for too long. The response was incredibly overwhelming both in negative and positive ways. I posted about an ex that has never fully been an ex(someone I have been in contact with on and off in ways since the day it ended). I posted in hopes of creating a beautiful space where truth could be shared and instead the lies only continued.

I quickly shattered "the perfect self" I had been posting about for years and my title in the public's eye quickly turned to "crazy" rather than the beautiful whole wild spirited self that I am. No one has it easy and I am not an exception of that. I took to socials with my real self, too real for most. I lost almost 200 followers in less than two days. Once shit got real 200 mother fuckers couldn't even handle the truth. Bye lol.

This is for those who stuck around and the people who care what I have to say. And let's get one thing straight. I am not crazy. I am wild. Crazy is a dismissive and rude term often used by men in relation to the truth I share that they do not care to hear.

I have been raped 5+ times in my beautiful home town of Boulder, Colorado. And I have been treated like literal cow shit by the other 25+ boys I have locked lips with(I say boys instead of men because these people are so childish but most are of legal age, not including the trash I shared my body with in high school lol). At the time of these events I wasn't even lucid enough to consider them rape. Justifying statements such as "I was drunk/fucked up" "I must've asked for it/wanted it then". Fuck that. A women/girl can be too drunk to consent and drugs/alcohol in exchange for sex is not a fucking thing. Ever.

This issue obviously runs deep, and hits a very sweet spot with both boys and girls(young men and women) in this town. The unexposed rape culture of my hometown of Boulder is what the fuck I am fighting both against and for. Fighting for truth and some major change.

I am testing this as a new platform because all people want to do is continue to talk shit instead of asking me personally how I feel. So if you care, ask. And if you care a lot, follow the journey. SHITS ABOUT TO GET REAL. Or should I say realer because this is obviously all as real as it gets, and always has been, no more lies Boulder. You heard it here first.

Peace out, ttyl, whatever tf you want. I'll be back soon with more. Thanks for reading :)(:

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