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I want to share with you an email I just sent to the Title IX office on the Regis University campus. I thought you all should see it too as it's kickass. Enjoy. <3<3<3 My name is Adeline Mae Sommer. I was a freshman this past year at Regis. I am contacting you today in hopes of seeking proper justice and to make the Regis campus a safer place for young women like myself. Unlike some, I am not coming back to Regis next year because of these incidents because of the trauma I have endured. I think it best to keep many names private because I don't want to put my friends in the spotlight because they all have their own things to worry about. Although I will most definitely be sharing the names of the people in question, the people that hurt not only me, but my friends, emotionally, mentally, and in some cases physically. Regis is the second university I have attended but I didn't get any credit from college the first time around so I started again as a freshman. This was hard from the start. I had more real life experience than most and this got me in trouble. I felt judged and different. I was more mature from the year I had had previous to this one(that was super intense mentally). I found friends eventually but was still heavily depressed and started to self medicate with marijuana and alcohol. Being a former xanax addict and borderline alcoholic this was bad news for me and everyone around me. It led me and my friends into a dark place with the scum of Regis, the user and abuser boys that still walk free on your campus.  I would like to note that one reason for this shift in my thinking and wanting to reach out is my new found sobriety, I currently have 50 days under my belt. This shift has been huge in restoring lots of my brain function that I seem to lose in the time periods of heavy usage. I have a great deal of support in my hometown of Boulder and am currently working with the Boulder County Police Department in another case of rape that happened to me last December.  To say the least, life has been handing me shit and I've been falling heavily victim to people that want to manipulate and use me for sex, money, and more disgustingness no 20 year old should know the horrors of.  I would like to alert you about three people on your campus. First King Fuck(I said their actual names to the school), an alcoholic sophomore boy(I say boy instead of man because he doesn't deserve that title but he is 20 as well) who I was involved with who hit me and used me for two months. Queen Fuck a freshman girl who stood by and laughed as this abuse unfolded with Fuck #1, she physically witnessed him hurt me on more than one occasion, someone who sells marijuana and other drugs on campus, and has a reputation of being a scary girl that no one is brave enough to stand up to but she hurts many with her ways. And lastly Stupid Dumbass, another freshman who raped a friend of mine on campus, in the dorms(whose name should be kept out of this if possible because she is trying to do her own healing and I don't want her Regis experience to be tarnished by this because she didn't want to report it for personal reasons) this boy is also a heavy out of control alcoholic.  These people are incredibly reckless, using heavily, out of control, and hurting people and animals on your campus, including me.  I have been writing a blog with my newfound voice of truth and reason that is somewhat a product of my sobriety. I am going to send you the link along with the story that I wrote about Isaac and Olivia. Be forewarned as it is graphic. Although the response from so many girls at Regis was total and utter support, which has been lovely and validating. I would encourage you to read more of the stories I have shared but the response from not only the Regis community but my own of Boulder has been amazing. My goals in processing and sharing this publicly was to gage a reaction of sorts and also to do much of my own needed creative outlet. I stand as a warning to young women that this happens all too often and all too easily but it stops now. Not on my watch, especially at Regis. These boys that hurt me and my friends along with countless others think they're untouchable, they think having sex with girls when they're drunk is the norm. And from real life experience, that's a no from me.  I want to now share a compilation of pictures and images to back some of what I have spoken about. The following attachments include Dummy reckless and intoxicated throwing a table from the 4th floor of Desmet, a photo of Fuck 1 and Fuck 2 along with myself so they can be clearly identified, a video of the way in which my beautiful delicate body was bruised by King Fuck(he would only let me wear sweatpants by the way, both in an attempt to cover these and shame me).  The last two attachments hit a really soft spot and honestly make me want to cry. During this year Thing1 and Thing2 both had their own kittens. The abuse that these animals endured in the hands both kids caused them to scratch the shit out of me more than once. They became traumatized just like me. Scared to be alive. Scared to have parents that could barely take care of themselves, let alone another precious being. Those cats need to be relocated to proper homes sooner rather than later and should never have been living in the dorms anyways. These individuals' treatment of not only people but animals is disgusting, disgraceful, and utterly traumatizing. But like that video said that everyone should have watched before this year started said, not anymore. 

End scene. *kisses to the crowd**roses thrown on the stage at my feet**cheers from the people that matter and sobs from the people that should've known better*

Thank you.

</3</3</3 :)(:

I love you forever Denver and Rio. <3<3<3 :'(

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