Staying true

After much deliberation I decided to put away my last post completely. It's not necessarily always my place to shoulder everyone else's personal vendettas and be everyone's voice without and first and foremost being my own. Obviously I can easily get sucked into a very evil part of myself that doesn't serve anyone, it only hurts, me and others.

I aspire to share my truth without calling into question other names, even those of my friends because that's not fair. These people obviously know who they are and it's not my job to do everyone else's work for them. This is a place for my truth and my truth only because along with feeling safer that way, it's for the best.

I work around the clock on bettering myself, expressing raw art and truth, raw beauty and pain but I aspire not to hurt in the ways people have hurt me but rather to teach the more productive ways of the world. Everyone has their shit, obviously. And I have more than enough of my own.

My words are important and I chose to use them for good and not evil. I am not a vindictive person. I am a teacher and I am a leader.

Thank you for making space :)(:

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