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Yikes. Truth is fresh off the press today ladies and gents. I just got done filing my first and not my last police report. Worked with an incredible officer that had the capacity to listen to my story and truth rather than jump to conclusions and victim blame. I'll give y'all a little taste without exposing the full truth because this kid is already scared shitless, obviously. He should've known better that's all I can say. "I, Adeline Mae Sommer was raped by bleep bloop the night/early morning hours of December blah blah, 2019. I was at a house party in Boulder and had obviously had too much to drink. This boy took me downstairs and I was so messed up I don't fully remember how long the intercourse lasted but I remember some people walking in and that's why it stopped. Both of my best friends along with other people that care about me were present at the party and have a clearer picture of what happened after the rape as I became totally unresponsive. My best guess is that I was in a state of shock and disillusionment because it's not the first time something like this has happened to me in this town." I went on to explain a bit more but the full truth will reveal itself all in good time.

I don't make these accusations without evidence and real proof. The amount of people that saw the ambulance and firetrucks pull up to that house knew something was wrong. But let's get the story straight, I had no more to drink after the assault occurred(at least to my blurry knowledge of that awful night). It wasn't just another night where a stupid girl had too much to drink. It was a night where a vulnerable young women was taken advantage of, and that time, it really fucking hurt.

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