Wow! Hi! What a great deal of healing that is in the works for my sweet little self. I just got done having coffee with the young women that hosted the party that I was taken advantage of at. We got to talking and while she has had different experiences(like we all do), the themes were along many of the same. Real life horror stories of coercion and sex that didn't always have the intended outcome(happiness? love? connection? idk why do we even try?).

Talking to her inspired a new found friendship and inspired me to share a piece of art with you all that I have been hiding yet it is one of my very favorites. If you're weak in spirit it's probably going to rock your world so please hold on to your panties ladies(but ofc whip them off if it inspires you, be you do you).

I cherish this piece for so many reasons. It was made the summer of 2018, a summer of lots of art and love. I saw a photo of women that did this against a wall in a house and wanted to try it on my own. First me and him used rollers to completely paint the front of me purple. Then I did a weak attempt at a naked push up onto the canvas. Lots of laughs later I had my very own stamp! We then painted the background. I did the left and he did the right. My favorite flower is a sun flower and there were many beautiful ones in his mothers garden so I picked one, painted it yellow, and used it as a stamp in the corners too.

This piece to me represents the love of my very own beautiful body. Cultivating self love is always something that's been hard for me, but I remember that summer I felt the most beautiful and confident and loved I ever had. Some thanks to him but many thanks to me. I was growing into my adulthood and sharing my body with someone that actually deserved to see that side of me and that filled my cup up, many days it ran full over the top.

I also love this piece because it is frozen in time. My body has changed in ways but this stamp of me will always ring true to the loving sweet young lady I was at the tender age of 18. I plan on doing more pieces center around my figure because my body my fucking choice and I chose to use my beauty to our advantage.

And please, look, don't touch, the art(me), is very fragile.

<3 :)(:

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