Once upon a time

Hi. I know it's late so let me tell you a bed time story tonight. This story isn't like most bedtime stories though, it's sad and it's scary and it's painful and although it takes place in a far away land, it still remains in the land of truth. It's especially important that I don't share names even of "kingdoms" because while it is my truth to share, there are systems in greater power than little old me that in some ways want me in a place like this. And I speak out because unlike most, I have a platform and a brave voice amongst the fear.

Once upon a time, there was a brave queen that skrted the town in hopes of forcing truth and karmic retribution on the village clowns that thought it okay to hurt her. After pushing hard and going fast her beautiful silver chariot died on the side of the road. Once this happened she immediately found help from another maiden of the valley. A cop drove by them that night before they left the silver chariot but even their waved arms made no difference, he didn't care.

This was the last straw in many ways for the queen. She spoke her truth to the maiden and the maiden shared her own story of the corrupt power in the town. The queen was outraged, not only had her generation felt the injustice in the kingdom but even a mere stranger knew the horrors at play.

Once the queen arrived home she talked to her loving mentor all night in hopes of processing what she had found while ruling the land. In the morning hours the police rang the queens phone and the queen was able to explain the situation such that her silver chariot would be waiting for her for a little while longer while she found a ride.

Some short moments later the police and the queens parents showed up at the queens house with concern. They tricked the queen that if she came with them she would return home soon. We know all too well that this was a bold faced lie. The queen would never return home. Or at least to this home, that was now so important to her.

At the hospital she was treated like a beast of the kingdom rather that with the respect she deserved. She cried and she screamed and it took hours for anyone to care. A peasant came running to her room in the late hours promising a land and a bed of gold in another castle. She blissfully accepted the offer to be moved out of her new found kingdom. The queen couldn't have known how mistaken she was in accepting another false promise.

They quickly took the queens only means of outside communication and isolated her from the world she knew and loved. The queen begged everyday to find a way out but they held her against her will and didn't listen to the real stories of pain she tried to tell the new village idiots of the new town she was being kept prisoner in.

No one knew how to help, and once they did, no one wanted to. They tried to confuse her, they tried to darken her light and weaken her strength to no avail. She was smarter, she was stronger. And luckily this was not her first rodeo.

She shared her fearless real truth at every turn. Educating her new friends on the ways in which this town was trying to hurt them rather than help them. No one liked this, especially king evil. Everyone lied and tried to make the queen feel stupid but this time she knew better. She fought fearlessly and laughed in the face of danger. Knowing that this too wouldn't break her.

And she didn't let it. With the help of all of the villagers, she escaped the evil keepers of the castle. Ridding away majestically in her beloved silver chariot with Prince(Dad) charming, the man who had loved her the most all along.

The end

In all seriousness, my time in my second psych ward was absolutely and utterly traumatizing. The ways in which greater power systems are at play is disgusting and heartbreaking. The wealth and the affluence that sparked my angry rampage around Boulder is what kept me in the hospital for 15 fucking days(I should mention also that the average stay is 5-7 days, or at least that's what they say).

Since when did existence resonate only with the amount of comas in your bank account. That is not a world I want to be a part of. Where human lives matter less than the next pay check. A place where "stupid" or "crazy" people are made more of those things but "help" and "safety" are at the forefront of promotion. It is not fair and it is not right. And I won't stand behind these lies any longer either.


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