I'm evolving peeps

Currently sitting at my computer in the kitchen ready to bring y'all a story of true evolution. I've heard thing about how the universe keeps sending you the same situations until you grow in the ways you need to. And I've also heard the definition of insanity is doing the same shit over and over and expecting a different outcome. I am an example and a product of both.

How many of the same type of shitty assholes did I hookup with expecting one of them to like me enough to date me? Love me? Idk what the fuck was I even looking for? The answer is way too many(and way too many that didn't even deserve my presence much less anything else from me). Here has been my type for a while: hot but not too hot, stoner/drug addict, afraid of commitment/player, "big" dick energy.

And there were so many of the same little slimes. Mostly because I was looking for an exact replica of my ex as if that would be a good idea(lol nope). I got told off or stood up or it was just a one night stand so I would go out looking for "my type" again(a new piece of shit to fill the void, spoiler alert that shit never worked). Not even fully on purpose these were just the kind of guys I attracted for a long time. Ew. Why tf?

But today I bring to you a story of full on evolution because while you all little bitch boys are getting dumber. I know your tricks and I'm getting smarter and smarter and fuckin smarter.

So this kid slid into my dms. He found me off the Boulder, Colorado geotag on instagram or some shit. He was quick to tell me that he was a man not a boy like these other assholes. He's 25 btw. Don't get me wrong I was into it at first, very flattering. To him I was a slice of heaven, pure angel energy, he wanted to spoil and dine me(vegan dinner no less). Or at least this is what he told me when he wanted me. Things changed pretty quick once sex was off the table.

I was planning on seeing him tonight but he talked about skin on skin and I shared my reservations being a sexual assault victim. He told me to breath? As if I didn't know how and my stress wasn't justified. Dumbass. Then when I turned him down his ego took a turn for the worse. "You'd wanna crave me I'm telling you :) I don't wanna waste ur time I don't need a lesson from you hunny I'm 25" Bruh. I hope you're laughing with me rn cuz this shit had me dying. What a cocky piece of shit. My dad is a grown ass man and learns shit from me on the daily. Also I don't need/want to crave anything(especially being a former sex addict, thanks). Only thing I crave is my lovely fucking self because I am all that I need/want right now in goddess form.

He also was very much about his big dick energy. Oh hunny, check mine out. I have the biggest dick and balls in Boulder currently. And that's a fact. Also the only thing "men" in the form of stupid boys continuing to fuck with me does is help me further evolve so I can outsmart you little fucks faster and more efficiently. Thank youuuuu, next.

<3<3<3 :)(:


PS for the ones that read that post about the untouchables before I had to take it down per the request of the ones I love(my immediate family). One member in particular is trying to say I was in one of my "classic psychotic states" when that was posted. Nope :) Sorry :) Just done with the lies of this place that are rooted deep<3<3<3


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