Frat rape

Last summer me and my best friend fell into a group of nasty nasty CU Boulder frat boys. They were our "friends" or at least that's what we considered them. Interested to know what they considered us? Me too. Bitches? Side pieces? But friends? Definitely not.

I think it was July, and my boyfriend from sixth grade hit me up because he was back in Boulder and wanted to hook up. I was down. Ew. So me and my BFF went to this frat house to meet him on the hill one night so we could do the dirty. This ended up being a very pivotal night in our lives in a very bad way. We ended up being liked by all of this nasty friends more than by him(the sweet guy we used to know and love).

Long story short we didn't hook up, he actually basically ignored me the whole night. Scared? Playing hard to get? Yeah I was confused too. But this wasn't the last time we would see them. A couple nights later they invited us back. Yeah I know we are dope and obviously we can hang. So we went back to one of their houses on the hill and got fucked up again.

This was the point in my life that I was introduced to unflavored Burnett's by these little fucks and that shit almost killed me more than once not to mention it's fucking unflavored Burnett's. Disgusting.

We kept hanging out with them and one night I invited one of my 6th grade boyfriend's friends over to my house because I decided I wanted to fuck him instead. It wasn't even a vindictive thing this dude was just nicer to me. Oh if only I had known.

So we went back to my house and had sex and he liked me enough to slept over. I hooked up with this kid for about a month and a half and in the midst of us hooking up we all went to flume. He didn't have enough money for a ticket so I lent him $90. Key word being lent. Yeah I haven't seen that money yet and it's been almost a full year. The kicker was that he didn't even buy a fucking ticket... he scanned a picture of the 6th grade boyfriends and got in somehow. I wanted him to come because I wanted him to hang with us and he was grinding on multiple other girls the whole night. Classy stuff.

This wasn't the end of us hooking up though because my standards were non existent. The last time we hooked up I brought him breakfast in bed(Moe's no less) and then I went back over to hang with them that night and he had a different girl over and was fucking her. I was pissed to say the least. So I did the most logical thing... I fucked his best friend. Had sex with you both in the same god damn day. EWWWW.

Sex with him was good like it is with most because I know what I'm doing so I started hooking up with him instead. This made the first dude so pissed. And like why? Not like you gave a fuck about me anyways. Run by ego this dude is a fucking prick to say the least.

So I actually started liking the second dude because he was sweet and not a complete douche like player #1. Never went anywhere because the only time he would give me the time of day was when he was blackout drunk and horny(I fell for it a few times against better judgement).

Most recent time I've seen these dudes was after a night of hard drinking I found myself at their house and I was raped by their fucking friend. I had been partying with a friend in Denver and we ubered back to Boulder, my friend went home but these boys had invited me over so I went there alone(braincells?? hello?? r u there?).

Blurry ass night but I do remember this quite clearly thank you very much. I got to their house and this disgusting kid starting hitting on me. Me being drunk and too friendly took him up on his offer of "if you come down stairs and kiss me I'll give you coke". And I bet y'all can guess what happened next. No coke but sex that I was obviously in no state to consent for because I didn't even know his fucking name much less want to have sex with him. It didn't last long. He left me downstairs alone in some random bed and so I called an uber to leave. I cried in the uber and have all these pictures on snapchat so I remember the date. It was on the morning of leap day. A day and an incident that never should've happened.

The next morning I told my "friend" the player what happened and he shamed me and wouldn't give me the kids name. Saying some bullshit like how I was a slut and that that didn't sound like his friend. But uhhhh it was? Sooo. I just recently found out this kids name and while this will most likely will never go anywhere because CU frat rape culture is hush hush like no other I want and need the world(or at least you who's reading) to know what happened to me in the short time I spent as friends with these nasty fucks. And karma is real so I'm certain this shit will catch up to all of them at some point.

Stay safe out there ladies and I honestly I have yet to meet a frat guy that wasn't at least part slime. Disgusting culture and no one deserves the shit they put me through. Shape up or ship out fucks.

</3</3</3 ;)(;

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